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We recommend picking the service plan that best fits your video viewing habits, desired speed and budget.

High Speed Satellite Internet

High speed Internet, also known as “broadband Internet,” is defined by FCC standards for speed. Until now many parts of the country didn’t have access to high speeds. But don’t worry – if you think you're stuck with slow internet service and don't have a better choice – well now you do. Viasat high-speed internet from Northland Connect (formally Exede Internet) is available in your home right now! Most of our plans also come with unlimited data. You can see our current package plans under the “Plans” tab.

Viasat from Northland Connect provides great internet wherever you are. So go ahead — stream music and HD video. Video-chat with family. Email large files. Download stuff fast. Powerful satellite internet from Viasat is available today with plans ranging from 12 Mbps (megabits per second download) to up to 100 in selected areas.

New unlimited data plans mean unlimited possibilities! For the first time ever, we’ve launched unlimited satellite internet in select areas. So now you can do everything you love online — but more of it. Give us a call at 866-567-1919 to see if unlimited data plans are available where you live.

On unlimited data plans, after you exceed the data usage threshold associated with your service plan, we may prioritize your data behind other customers during network congestion.